C.M. WittmannArtist and Art Historian

The main themes of C.M. WITTMANN's work are the three classical genres of paintings: figures, landscapes and still lifes. The common denominator of all her work is a linear design scheme, a largely tinted brush stroke and the use of strong light-dark contrasts. Her works, which generally make use of the style of the old masters, are moving in contradiction between realism and illusion.

Personae - Figurative themes are generally placed in a synthesis of ornamental dissolved landscapes with a perspective depth effect. Until around 2010, C.M. WITTMANN concentrated on figurative elements and complete bodies with those bodies bound in ornaments and occasionally dissonantly bright color chords. A typical example of this is the: "Female back act", 2002, oil on canvas, 80x120cm. In addition, small-format images were used with a reduced reference to reality but clearly defined figurative parts which are made in scratch technology. From 2010 onwards, the exact technical work in terms of form and color are generally more clearly described. However, they present themselves as two-dimensional fictions portraying the themes of the present in a bizarre, often disturbing, illusionary view. „The organic rooster“ 2015, oil on canvas, 90x60cm and „Josef“ 2015, oil on canvas, 150x100cm are examples of this shift in her work.

Still lifes - Until 2010 a part of her works was characterized by a variety of floral arrangements fused with ornamental backgrounds. For example, "Still Life with Calla", 2000, oil on canvas, 60x50cm, shows a glass vase with Callas next to a flower-like egg positioned on coarse boards. As it is the case in all her other works the continuous movement between the real world and the fictitious world is a common theme. As in figurative and landscape paintings there are also works for which parts of the paintings are abstract in color and flatness. The still lifes from 2010 onwards are characterized by a great realism in alternation with the occasional introduction of written messages, signs or codes in the painting, which are aimed to encourage the viewer to decrypt, for instance in: "It, still life with vase and fish", 2014, oil on canvas, 100x70cm, or "Peace", 2016, oil on canvas, 60x90cm.

Landscapes - Until 2010, landscapes are manifested in powerful colors, mostly in scratchings on cardboards. Works such as "South Styria Landscape", 2007, oil on cardboard, 50x69cm, are characterized by a linear cloisonné, which compels the compositions into strict, graphic-like scaffoldings. In addition strong complementary contrasts can be found in certain works. Starting from 2014, C.M. WITTMANN took up landscapes again. Similar to the figurative paintings the mostly fictitious landscapes show visions, but also fears which are characterized by moods of the present e.g. "crash", 2016, oil on canvas, 60x60cm. By refraining from a distinct color scheme the introduction of curious shifts into realistic seeming landscapes reveal ambiguously in a disturbing, gloomy aesthetic way to the viewer, as in "Black day", 2016, oil on canvas, 60x60cm.

Abstract - In 2016, C.M. WITTMANN worked on an abstract cyle on small scale paper and cardboard in oil.

Drawings - Similar to her paintings, her drawings have a realistic touch. Portraits of women and men in disguises and masks as well as curious compilations of objects and ciphers in the images are part of her intention to create suspense.