C.M. WittmannArtist and Art Historian

On the mystical in children's drawings.
Analysis and interpretations. Practical examinations of children's drawings from the age of 6 to 10. Universitätsverlag Salzburg 1976.

Henri Matisse. Early Still lifes (1890-1914).
An analysis by using the methdology of perception psychology respectively design psychology. Master's thesis available at the University of Salzburg (Aleph).

Pablo Picasso, Still lifes (1895-1925), "Natures mortes dans l'art vivant", theoretical analysis - hermeneutic results.
Dissertation approved at the University of Salzburg. Published in Südwestdeutscher Verlag 2008.

Comments on the problematic of "expression" - a hommage to Rudolf Arnheim.
Scientific publication.

Design psychology - analysis of color theory in the works of Picasso.
Scientific publication.

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller. Ideal and truth of nature - the development of his window paintings.
Scientific publication (LMU Munich).